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Wedding Day Timeline

What does a wedding day look like in Thailand? This episode we take a look at a Wedding Day Timeline and what happens when.

Bring prepared and organised is the key to any successful event. We take you from Breakfast to Afterparty all while making sure you are having an amazing day.

Wedding Day Timeline

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Thai the Knot Weddings is an award winning travel agencies specialising in destination weddings in Thailand for over 10 years tie the knot weddings has been helping couples from all over the world create their dream wedding. Annette and her international and local guests share their knowledge and experience to help you plan your wedding in Thailand.

Annette Fyfe

Sawadee Ka and Hello everyone. Welcome to episode two of Thai the Knot Weddings Podcast. Today we are going to go through a wedding day timeline, just to show you what actually happens on the actual wedding day. It's important to have a schedule for the wedding day. So that way everybody knows what's happening at what time as the day goes so fast. We don't want to miss anything. So getting organised starts the day or the night before the wedding. Because you don't want to be rushing around on the wedding day, doing things that you could have already pre done. So the night before, it's good to make sure all the bridesmaid dresses are in the one room. The wedding dress is in the room that you're going to be getting ready in any Jewellery that the bridal party or the bridal be wearing, make sure it's all together. If there's anything in wrapped up in plastic boxes or anything like that, make sure you've got scissors. And that's all been opened, make sure everyone's got to shoes to wear you will be surprised how many times someone has lost their shoe. So it's just being organised and getting everything set up ready to go for the next day. It's also important that you try and get a good night's sleep before your wedding. This is sometimes a struggle because the nerves and the adrenaline it's starting to kick in so it can make sleep a little bit tricky the night before the wedding. But if you've got everything organised and planned, that will help. A good tip is to schedule in a 60 minute massage the evening before your wedding. So you can go down with your bridal party, chill out, have a massage. Try and have an early night and get ready for your wedding day. Okay, so morning of the wedding, you're going to wake up hopefully you've had a little bit of sleep the night before, you're going to be excited, nervous, maybe a little bit of butterflies. So but it is important that you go down and have some breakfast. If you are being a little bit traditional and not going to see your partner before the ceremony, you're going to have to coordinate who's going to breakfast at what time. So that's something that your bridesmaids can organise and they can keep an eye out that you don't cross paths. It's also important to think about some food to be eaten in the room later on in the day, maybe around 1.30pm.

From breakfast through until when you're going to eat dinner, you might not be sitting down to eat your reception dinner until quarter past half past six at night. So make sure even if it's just toasted sandwiches or paninis or a cheeseboard, something to eat because there will be champagne popping during the afternoon. So it's good to have some food for everybody while getting ready. If everything's already in set up. There's not much to do in the morning of your wedding day. So you can finalise any last minute things that you need to do that might be writing a card to your partner that's going to be delivered to him before the ceremony. If you're going to make a speech at the reception, just making sure that's all completed because you want to get all that stuff done in the morning before everyone starts coming to your room to get ready. So depending on how many bridesmaids you're going to have, so let's say there's one bride and three bridesmaids getting ready today. Hair and makeup will arrive around about The day and it'll take them 30 to 45 minutes to set up all their makeup, they'll move around the chairs, mirrors, get them all set up. And then they will start hair and makeup. They'll have their own hair and makeup schedule of which bridesmaid and what time. So that was all start around 2.30 The photographers and the videographer will arrive, and they'll set up all their equipment, and they will start taking some photos of everybody getting ready in the room. I like to have the bride ready, about an hour before the ceremony is going to start. Because once the bride has got the hair and makeup done, we can do some photos with the bridesmaids, mother of the bride father of the bride, bride getting dressed in the bridesmaids helping putting the dress on and also pinning the buttonhole onto the bride's father or whoever's walking them down the aisle. So there's a lot of pre photos that need to get completed. And we always recommend having two photographers for a wedding. So while one is in the bride's room, photographing everybody getting ready, the other photographer can then pop over to the groom's room, and also get photos of the boys getting ready. At that point, if you've written

a card for your partner, you might want that to be delivered at that time. And it's nice for the groom to read a card from the bride and vice versa before the ceremony. It's great for photos and videography as well. Once all the pre photos are done, the bride's ready dressed bridesmaids are all dressed, it's last thing to do is put the veil in if the bride is wearing one. Then once that's all done, it's time to head off to the ceremony. So around 4.20pm, we'll come and get you from the room and take you down to the holding area. So we'll just do a check, make sure the guests have been told that the bride is ready and they'll all be seated. The boys below, take their spots. And then it's time. Normally we do a rehearsal the day before the wedding. So everyone will know which order they're going to line up in, we will give you the cue of when to walk down. So that will be 4.30pm. The ceremony will start if the brides are was a little bit late, but that's okay. So the ceremony will go for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the ceremony is completed, the couple will then walk that down the aisle and stop halfway and the guests will throw flower petals for the photographer. And then they'll walk around to the side and pop a bottle of champagne for the bridal party, bit of a photo opportunity there. And then what will happen is all the guests will want to come up and congratulate you. So there'll be a bit of a line. Family members, guests will want to come up and see you because remember, they haven't seen you yet until after the ceremony. So before all the guests disappear, we want to get the group photo done. So straight after the ceremony, everyone's congratulated you straight into the group photo before anyone disappears. So it can be sometimes a bit of a mission depending on how large your wedding is just to get everyone in the same spot. Let's get the group photo done. And then we can move on to family photos and friends. So we will have a list of all the photo combinations that you need. Because you don't want to get to the day after the wedding and realise you didn't have a photo with your nan. Because you can't go back in time. And on a wedding day. Everything needs to be so planned out. So we will get a list of everybody that you need family to have a photo with. So we don't miss out on anyone. And it's important to have a family member who knows your family. So if we're trying to find Uncle Dave for his photo, that we can go to a family member and say, Hey, where's Uncle Dave, and that family can just members yell out, Dave, get over here, you're in the photo. So once we can get all the photos done, or the family photos, the photos with all your friends, then you'll head down to the beach area, just with the bridal party to do sunset photos. So normally, here in Australia, you would have a wedding ceremony, probably two to 30 in the afternoon, and then there's that gap. Until the wedding ceremony starts in Thailand, the ceremony starts a bit later 430 to five, because then that will lead into the golden hour, which is the sunset photos. And that's great light for your wedding pictures. So the bridal party will head down onto the beach with the photographer and start taking bridal party photos. While you're down there, having those photos done.

cocktails and canapes will start to be served for the guests. So that gives them something to do while you're off having more photos, cocktails and canopies. The resorts that I work with, you get to choose three canopies from a list and two cocktails. And we'll also make sure that cocktails and Canon pays, of course, come down to the bridal party. Once you've finished all your bridal party photos, it'll probably be around 6.30 - 6.34 now, so it's important that you just take a break, you might need to go to the bathroom. If you're in a wedding dress, you're going to need help. So you're going to need bridesmaids to help with bathroom visits. Do that before the reception starts, you might need to touch up makeup lipstick, and just have some time. Take a moment and just have some time with your partner before the reception starts. We'll let the guests know that they need to be back. For the reception that will start at like quarter to seven. Some guests like to head back to their room for a little bit. Most of them will stay around for cocktails and canopies. But as long as everyone knows what time they need to come back for the style of the reception that gives everyone time to freshen up. So quarter to seven guests will start coming back there'll be finding their table setting at the reception table. Then once everyone's seated, usually around seven o'clock, everybody's ready. Your MC who have chosen for the night can start to introduce the bridal party. Once you've done your entrance, then you can take your seat at the bridal party and the emcee will kick off the night. Normally, the emcee starts with some housekeeping just to let everyone know where bathrooms are located and things like that. And then, once the emcee has done his welcome, we like to get started with the reception food. So the bridal party always goes first. And then we will go table by table. I personally don't like speeches while people are still eating towards the end of the meal. Okay, but just give people a little bit of time to eat their dinner, and then start on the speeches. So I like to have the speeches. All in one, go. So then once the speeches are done, everybody knows. Okay, it's time to party now. I'm just going back to the start of the reception. That's when the open bar will start. So in our packages, we have three hours of open bar, and that'll include beer, spirits, soft drinks, water, juices, etc. I know in Australia, weddings here include beer and wine and soft drinks. But in Thailand, wine is taxed. So hi. Over there. So a bottle of wine here that we would buy for $20 It's selling over there for around $90 It's just really really expensive to drink. Wine over there. So in our wedding package beverage packages, you get BIA spirits, and soft drinks. So all your bourbons, tequila, vodka, gin, tax actually all included in your open beverage package. Okay, so everybody's had something to eat, we've done the speeches, the bar is making lots of drinks for everybody. Hopefully now it's around 8.30, we really want to cut the cake and do the first dance. And then once you've done your first dance, everyone will then know to come on to the dance floor, and the DJ can start the party. Once you cut the cake, we will cut up the whole cake. And we will serve that as part of the dessert. So for those who want to have dessert, then can go back over and have dessert whenever they like.

The DJ will get the party going. And I know that it's important for us to have a good time. So let's get all the speeches over and done with by 8.30, because then that's going to give us two and a half hours of party time at the reception. Sharing the reception towards the end, if you're going to do a bouquet toss, we just want we're scheduling a time because there's a certain song that the DJ will want to play for that to get everybody up on the dance floor. Normally, that gets done towards the end of the night. If the groom is going to do the garter toss, that happens towards the end of the night as well. So around 10, between 10 3011 o'clock the reception will end. And then if you choose to have an after party, we can go to a different bar. So from 11pm to 1am, you can use another area for your after party. So my top takeaways for the actual wedding day, just so you'll be able to enjoy it. And not be super stressed, is just be organised. have everything set up and packed, ready to go. Especially to shoes for each bridesmaid and the bride. When you're getting ready, don't have too many people in the room. It's good to put some music on, have some champagne, have some platters there to eat some food, have the bridal party and they're getting ready because they need to be in there having hair and makeup. The Bride of course needs to be in there having her hair and makeup done. Probably mother of the bride mother in law if they're going to be coming in to get their hair and makeup done. But you don't need every friend popping in every 15 to 20 minutes to check on you just checking if you're doing okay. Quite often we've had brides that that's what stresses them out. And we've had to just clear the room. That's it. Nobody else is in here getting ready unless you're in the bridal party.

And the wedding day is so scheduled and planned. It's important that during the day, you just take some time to stop. Even if it's by yourself or later in the night with your partner. Just stop and look around and take it all in. And quite often I tell brides to say to themselves, remember this moment. So when you stop and just take a moment to say yourself. Remember this moment. It just goes so quickly. And just remember, enjoy the day, enjoy the night. No matter what can happen through the day. At the end of it. You've just married the person who you love and that's all that really matters at the end of the day. So enjoy it. Have a great time. Celebrate with your family and friends and in use to come they'll be still talking about your amazing wedding in Thailand. Another little tip is to Let your planner know what you want to keep from the reception. Normally, we keep the table placement names, so the bride and the groom, if you've got a cake topper will make sure that gets returned to you. wedding favours that you would have had. But anything else normally at the end of the night, everything just gets cleaned up. So if there's things that you want to keep, just short, make sure you make a note, don't expect to go back the next day and find everything because everything gets packed up. At the end of the night. We also do a walk around at the end of reception, and I cannot tell you how many pairs of shoes I have found at the reception, I could open a shoe shop. So normally what I would do is our wedding groups or have a Facebook page, I will take a photo of each pair of shoes and who owns these. And normally I leave them down in the lobby area so people can come down and collect their shoes from the night before. It's also a good idea to think about what you want to do the day after the wedding. If you want to catch up again with your guests. In the past, we've had couples that have just said, Hey, everybody meet at the pool bar at midday. And we'll just have a day in the pool with the pool bar and snacks at the pool. Other couples have had the wedding cake from the night before, because when you cut it up, there is so much cake. So we'll keep it and the afternoon after the wedding. Everybody dropped by and let's just have a little cake party. So that's an example of the wedding day timeline. Just to show you what actually happens on the wedding day, you will have a pre wedding meeting before the wedding day just to go through everything every detail. And then we also will do a rehearsal. So we do like to do the rehearsal the day before or a couple of days before the actual wedding day, at the same time as when you would be having your ceremony. So around 430 We'll get the bridal party together so that we can do the rehearsal, because then that way you're going to see where the sun is at that time. At the same time as when you'll be having a wedding ceremony. We'll also have a practice of where everybody's standing, who's walking down the aisle when and if you've got any flower girls or little page boys, it's super,

super important that you have a rehearsal because the kids just need to know where they need to walk. And we'll just get the kids to do that a couple of times, so that on the wedding day, they know where they need to go. They're not going to work, get lost and have had no idea what they're doing. Kids always find it weddings though. Just as long as they know what they have to do. They'll be fine. So thanks for listening to my wedding day timeline discussion today. If you've got any questions, just reach out info at Tyler not weddings.com.au or you can visit our website target weddings.com Today you if you want to book a chat and discuss more about a destination wedding just let us know. And just remember everybody just enjoy the day. Okay, thanks everyone. Koh Pun Ka & thanks for listening to this episode of thaitheknotweddings podcast.

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