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WHY have a Destination Wedding?

Today we discuss the top 10 reasons couples choose to have a Destination Wedding in Thailand. 

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Top 10 reasons
Family in UK and Australia

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Annette Fyfe

Sawadee Ka and Hello everybody. Welcome to Episode One of the Thai the Knot Weddings podcast. My name is Annette and I will be your host and today we are going to talk about why do some couples decide to have a destination wedding. Firstly, we need to understand what a destination wedding actually is. So a destination wedding is where the ceremony and the reception are hosted away from the couple's hometown, and usually require the bridal party and the guest to travel. Now the money smart.gov.au information tells me that the average Australian wedding costs $36,000 $36,000 82% of couples have dipped into their savings to pay for the wedding. Another 60% went to the bank and got a loan to be able to pay for this. And 18% have used their credit card to pay for their wedding. Couples are getting a lot smarter now because they realize they don't want to spend the next five to 10 years paying off their $36,000 wedding. So now they are looking for alternative options. And a destination wedding definitely is great value for money. We've come up with the top 10 reasons why a couple would choose to have a destination wedding. Of course, there's probably many, many more reasons. But for starters, this is our top 10. Number one is the budget. Unless you have won lotto recently and have a limited supply of money, every couple needs to have a budget that they want to stick to for their wedding. Quite often you will find that a destination wedding overseas will be better value for money and be within your budget than a wedding in your home country. So if you haven't recently won the lotto, and you do need to stick within a budget, just jump over to our website, thaitheknotweddings.com.au. And you can have a look at the wedding packages that we have. Everything's Included. great value for money, and you'll still have an absolutely amazing wedding day. Number two is the guest count. destination weddings are a great way to lower your guest count. For some reason when we have weddings in our home country. We feel like we need to invite everyone we've ever known from our kindergarten teacher from when we were four years old to our dance teacher that we had in year eight. Quite often our parents also have friends that they want to invite. So a destination wedding is a great way to lower that guests count. Some families are large, and if you've got a large family with aunties and uncles that means you've got a lot of cousins that can easily add your guests list up to 200 250 people here in Australia. We find that when people get married overseas, the average wedding is around 50 to 60 people and a large destination wedding over in Thailand is 100 people. So if you're looking to lower the guest count, have a think about a destination wedding because you're only going to get the people there that really want to be there and support you on your wedding day. Number three love to travel. Some couples love going on holidays. love having a break. Love Packing suitcases, getting their passport and going and discovering other countries. I know over the last two years we've been so starved for travel, people are just ready to get back into it and go discovering again. Most of the time when you get married, you'd normally take off a week or two over the wedding date.You normally have your wedding ceremony, your wedding day, and then a couple of days later, you'll take off on a honeymoon. So some couples just decide that they love to travel and they want to combine that all into a two week holiday. So they'll have their destination wedding at the start of their trip. And then after that they can enjoy their honeymoon, while still traveling around. Number four is have more than just a wedding. If you're getting married at home, your wedding ceremony might start at 230 in the afternoon, you'll have a break for photos, reception might start at 637 o'clock. And by midnight, it's all over. Having a destination wedding means that you can celebrate for a whole week. You can schedule in a day to have the hen stay in the backstay you can have a cocktail and kind of pay. Get together the night before the wedding than on the wedding day, you'll have the ceremony and reception and an after party if you wish. And then the next day you can all get together and hang out at the pool bar. So enjoy the time spend a week away and have more than just a wedding. Number five is spend more time with family and friends. Have a wedding week, get all your friends and family together and celebrate. Especially over the last two years when we've been apart from so many family members and friends. A destination wedding gives you a whole week to be together, spend some time together, which we all know is really really important. Number six is to share the love of a place. So you might have traveled to Thailand before and fell in love with the beaches, the views the lifestyle. I know that when we came back many years ago, after living over the UK, we stopped on the way home in Thailand. And I just knew then this is where I want to be. So having a destination wedding there, you get to show off your favorite places to your family and friends. Number seven is to have a holiday. If you ask your guests when was the last time that they went away on a holiday. Some of them would probably say years. Normally when you're planning a destination wedding your planet 12 to 18 months in advance. And that gives everybody time to apply for annual leave if they need to let work know that you're going to be away on these dates. And it gives your guests time to save up for their trip. So give him about a holiday and have your wedding during that week. Number eight is to have a unique wedding. We want our guests to say in years to come. Our remember the time that we went to any in Scotts wedding. That was the best week we had or that was the best time. I've got couples that post up their wedding anniversary photos each year. And even photos that pop up from seven years ago. Guess we'll still comment. Geez, that was a great wedding. Or Geez, that was a great week. So have a unique wedding that people will enjoy and everyone will have a great time.Number nine is have a good time. You hear a lot of stories about people planning weddings in their home country and they're so stressed about cakes and tastings and flowers and photography and what if this happens and what or that happens? Destination Wedding, everything is already planned. All you need to do is turn up on the wedding day with your dress and have a good time and if you're Having a good time, your guests are going to be having a good time, you would have arrived over to the resort checked in for a few days, had a few treatments at the day spa, a few 60 minute massages, you've gotten into that holiday mode nice and relaxed, and then have your wedding ceremony and reception that night, everyone will be having a great time. And number 10 is stress free. I have so many couples come to me and say we just want to turn up everything be organized and have a stress free wedding. Lifestyle is so fast and hectic nowadays with working and if you've got kids, the last thing we want to throw in is trying to plan a wedding. So a destination wedding is stress free. Everything is organized beforehand. And all you need to do is turn up on the wedding day, I have one more bonus reason to have a destination wedding. And that is location. We have a lot of wedding groups where the groom might be from the UK, and the bride is from Australia. And Thailand is the perfect halfway meeting point. So it saves all the groom's family from the UK come having to come all the way out to Australia and vice versa, direct flights from the UK and Australia or go to Thailand. So it's very easy to meet in the middle and have your wedding. And with one set of family living over in the UK, and the other one halfway around the world in Australia, quite often they haven't spent a lot of time together. So spending a week away for a destination wedding really gives both sides of the families time to get to know each other, have a great week away, celebrate the wedding. And really just have that bonding time and get to know each other because quite often, a lot of the friends that you have in Australia haven't met the friends from the UK. So it's all those really really good fun once everyone's there and everyone gets to know each other. So let's recap the top 10 reasons why couples would choose a destination wedding. So number one we had the budget number two we had the guest count number three we had the love to travel. Number four have more than just a wedding. Number five spend more time with family and friends. Number six, to show the love of a place number seven to have a holiday number eight have that unique wedding number nine to have a good time and number 10 stress free and we had the bonus reason of the location depending on where each family is located. Thailand is the perfect halfway point in the world for those to meet. If you want to find out more about some of the wedding packages we have for Thailand, just visit our website thaitheknotweddings.com.au You can even book a chat if you want to chat more about getting married overseas. And thanks for listening everybody. Koh pun ka and we'll chat soon. Thanks for listening to this episode the podcast. 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